Executive Coaching

Why Executive Coaching?

To her executive coaching clients, Jo is that experienced and trusted confidante and outside advisor.  She helps leaders focus on what's most important, rather than what's most urgent.  She helps them create an environment where everyone - including themselves - does their best work and works toward a common vision.   Jo helps leaders manage talent and build unity to reach a shared vision.

"When one owns and runs a company, it is difficult to have some conversations within the organization.  It just plain requires going outside to someone that can help with business issues in a totally objective manner.  I certainly have found that resource in you."  - Chief Executive

"You have the heart of a lion."  -Vice President of Sales

". . . unfailing support and focus."

A powerful coaching relationship with Jo can help you achieve breakthrough success and live a fuller, richer life along the way.  Jo helps professionals use their highest talents and achieve their stretch goals.  She helps them align their own talents, interests and passions with the needs, strategies, and best interests of their firm or organization.  Jo helps professionals make the leap from successful to thriving!

"Our work together was invaluable.  You helped me break through the fear of what I'm not and focus on what I am."  -Attorney 

Group Coaching for Small Firms or Teams

Group coaching is most beneficial when members are working on joint goals and/or compatible individual goals.  Teams benefit from group dynamics:  more people, more input, more collaboration.  Your team might also benefit from training or consulting prior to team coaching.  See Seminars and Consulting for more information.

"You inspire others. . . you inspire me"  -Team Leader

For more information or to schedule a complimentary meeting, contact Jo directly at 503.913.0499 or josmith@josmithassociates.com.