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Advancing Women's Careers: Whose Job Is It Anyway?  (view file)

Jo Smith's Article, Advancing Women's Careers: Whose Job Is It Anyway, is featured in the Fall 2014 edition of Legal Management News on page 13.
You can also see Jo's article here. Enjoy!

Secretarial Teams: A Winning Solution  (view file)

Jo Smith's article, Secretarial Teams: A Winning Solution is featured in the Summer 2013 Edition of Legal Management News.  on page 34.  You can see Jo's article here, as well.  Enjoy!

Successful Delegation: Why It Matters and How To Do It  (view file)

Jo Smith's article, Successful Delegation: Why It Matters and How To Do It is featured in the Winter Edition of Legal Management News.  on page 35.  You can see Jo's article here, as well.  Enjoy!

Talk to (Really) Be Heard  (view file)

Jo Smith's article, Talk to (Really) Be Heard is featured in the Summer edition of Legal Management News.  on page 16.  You can see Jo's article here, as well.  Enjoy!

Essential Attributes of Successful Managing Partners  (view file)

Selecting a successor to your managing partner is a tricky business.  What key abilities should you seek?  When managing partners from divrse firms were recently asked what it takes to be successful in their roles, two themes quickly emerged . . . (as published in Law Practice, December 2007)

Bridging Generations  (view file)

A report by the Multnomah Bar Association and Jo Smith. 

Delegation: A skill you didn't learn in graduate school  (view file)

As your career grows, there comes a time when you must acquire more work than you can complete by yourself. Yet effective delegation requires time and skill. Do you know how to delegate? Effectively? . . . 

Management by Coaching  (view file)

Your opportunity to manage extraordinary performance lies in your ability to learn what each of your employees wants in that inner place that drives them to excel regardless of time clocks, performance reviews, or year-end bonuses . . . (as published in Legal Management News, Fall 2007)

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